The Bardet family uses experimentation and technological innovation to continuously improve the characteristics and quality of its wines.

Philippe Bardet used his many years’ experience, his environmental expertise and a healthy dose of ingenuity to design two revolutionary machines that help him harvest top quality grapes:

• The Tribaie (“grape sorter”), which sorts and cleans grapes, eliminating debris, leaves and unripe or diseased fruit.

• The Calibaie (“grape calibrator”), which selects the best grapes, separating the smallest that have the most concentrated sugar content, from the largest.

The smallest grapes are used to make the estate’s first wines, while our second wines and rosés are made from larger grapes.

Respecting nature and innovating to continuously enhance quality

After a few years of tests and fine-tuning, the process became truly operational in 2012. It constitutes a technological revolution in wine growing. More than plot-by-plot selection, Philippe Bardet manages to compare the quality of different bunches by focusing on individual grapes.

This innovative approach to quality coupled with the grass cover cropping, the use of geothermal energy, the vineyard observation and waste recycling are prime examples of integrated production in agriculture.

“We strive to maintain balance in our vineyards and to hand down the appropriate practices to continue producing wines with genuine character, made with full respect of the terroir they come from.”

Philippe Bardet

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