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We are proud to have achieved HVE 3 certification, a High Environmental Value farming certificate.
This means a more friendly environmental agriculture within very strict specifications, created
and controlled by the French State.

The certification is carried out around 4 themes:

• The Preservation of biodiversity
• Pest Control Strategy
• Management of fertilization
• Management of water resource

Certified HVE farms are farms more particularly interested in:

  •     The maintenance and development of biodiversity, both within the plots of vines as well as in the surroundings.
  •     A good conduct of cultures towards the environment so that useful species can develop, named vine auxiliaries. The latter which        very often operate with the greatest discretion, play an important role in the regulation of the vine pest.
The certification consists of 3 levels:

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In the first place, this level environmental requirement corresponds to the respect of good agricultural and environmental conditions. It is checked by a farm advisory body.
The operator must also make an evaluation of the farm give a true and fair view according to the second level or in terms of the environmental performance of third level thresholds.


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The second level certification, called “environmental certification of the farm”, attests of their compliance by all of farms, of environmental requirements mentioned in a baseline in order to:
Identify and protect, in the farm, the most important areas for the preservation of biodiversity;
Adapt the use of plant protection products according to the target;
Store fertilizers and to correctly measure the quantity in order to meet the needs of the plants, to ensure a satisfactory quality and performance while limiting leakages to the natural environment;
Optimize water intake of crops, depending on the water status of the ground and the needs of the plant.


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The third level certification attests the compliance, of the entire farm, of the environmental performance thresholds on biodiversity, the pest control strategy, fertilization and water resources management, measured either by composite or global indicators. It is an obligation of results.
The use of the term ” high value environmental farm ”


high environmental Value Certification

For more information:

Brochure of Certification (high environmental value)

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