La Fabrication de levure au coeur des Vignobles Bardet, Saint-emilion grand cru

– The selection of yeast in the heart of the vineyards! –

Naturally present on the grapes, yeast – unicellular fungi – are used in winemaking to transform sugars into alcohol. Indeed, like any living organism, they need energy to survive. So, added at the start of fermentation, they use for their metabolism sugar in the grape juice, transforming it into alcohol.

Every yeast has its own specificity and can change the wine, it is essential to well choose it in order to better respect the typicality of the grape and the terroir. The winemakers therefore have generally a more or less wide range of possibilities depending on the qualities they wish to develop in their wine. Les Vignobles Bardet went further in this selection by using Christophe Gerland and at Intelli’Oeno in order to obtain a customized yeast closest to indigenous yeasts, those that are naturally present on the berries in a strong desire to fully reveal the character of their terroirs. Many berries are taken directly from the vineyards of Vignobles Bardet. These, during fermentation, they make it possible to cultivate different yeasts, selected in their turn according to their qualifications and their ability to preserve the special character of a given terroir. This selection work is a long process that requires patience and knowledge to make regular tastings to determine the influence that each yeast can have on wine.

At the end of this process and just before the harvest, Christophe Gerland has invested one of the rooms of Vignobles Bardet in order to cultivate the best yeast directly on the spot, sowing of the crop to be carried out early in the implementation tank. The flow cytometer, oxygen probe and growth curves are handled carefully to monitor the growth, the quantity and the activity of these yeasts that are then added to the wine in liquid form to allow a better distribution of these .

On the eve of the harvest and from the ambient agitation, so it’s a real work of craftsmanship in the Vineyards. Stay faithful to the terroir and reveal the wine’s aromas while respecting the nature of vines, these are the major concerns of Vignobles Bardet which do not hesitate to carry out pioneering work in the field of wine-growing.

Week of greengrocers wines in Bordeaux will begin soon. It expects a strong influx, Chateau Franc the Maine and Chateau Pontet-Fumet will be present as well as more than 500 crus of appellations Saint-Emilion – Pomerol – Fronsac will be present in the Hall of Dominicans in Saint-Emilion.

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