Shelby Company Ltd Saint Emilion


Official wine of the Peaky Blinders TV series


Shelby Company Ltd Saint-Emilion

A first fucking wine of Saint Emilion. There are Merlot (72%), Carbernet Sauvignon (6%) and of course… Cabernet fucking Franc (22%) !! This wine is like the Shelby family, full of character: dark and intense in color like Thomas’ eyes; with an expressive nose of blackcurrant and black fruits notes; we find in the mouth an impactful wine like Arthur but smooth and elegant like Polly.

Additional Information

Vineyard Origins
Soils types

Sand with gravel, sandy or clayey sand subsoil

Grape varieties
Planting density

6,000 vines per hectare


Breeding between 14 and 18 months according to the vintages

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